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Our Vision is to

Help You Achieve Yours

AdVision is built on five core values that guide every decision we make, whether internally or for our clients.

What We Believe


Do something epic every day. Leave the office knowing you produced the most thoughtful, creative and impactful work possible. Anyone can half ass anything. “Half ass” isn’t in our vocabulary. We put 110% into everything we create for our partners and each other. AdVision will never become complacent in how we work, how we think or what we produce. Everything can and will be optimized. We will celebrate every milestone along our journey, but these pauses will only be opportunities to plan our next phase of growth.


We make lives and bottom lines richer, by building marketing strategies that work. Positive ROI needs to trail every one of our efforts. But that’s not all we do. We understand a positive ROI can not only help a business reach its goals, it can free up time for your child’s soccer game, help you buy the boat you’ve always wanted, or make that dream vacation a reality. Those moments are what matter most in life. Those are what we strive to create for our partners.


Over the next 10 years, we’d like to enhance the lives and business outcomes for 2,500 people across the US, by providing great service, building epic marketing campaigns and always doing the right thing.

Our Core Values

Our team of digital marketers are fearless in their pursuit of meaningful results for clients. This shared mindset creates camaraderie that’s rarely seen in a workplace. By concentrating our beliefs into proven, no BS solutions, we keep our clients ahead of the curve, not trailing it. This makes us incredibly proud.

Give More

Give More

Overdeliver every day. Listen actively. Be helpful to a fault. Anticipate needs. Pitch in. Offer solutions.



Embrace change. Dare to be bold. Speak your mind. Take calculated risks. Fail brilliantly. Always be yourself.

No B.S.

No B.S.

Be truthful. Tell it like it is (even when it’s difficult). If something’s not right, speak up. Always treat our partners with integrity, honesty, and respect.

Love the Puzzle

Love the Puzzle

Be a passionate problem solver. Innovate. Ask questions. Consider all perspectives. Find creative solutions.


We are a team. We work together—respectfully and humbly. No one is on an island. Ever. We are way more powerful together than we could ever be apart.

A Happy Team is a Successful Team

Having happy, comfortable employees who feel respected is essential to running a successful company. That’s why we don’t subscribe to the biz cas world and we know the importance of grabbing beers with your coworkers. Because life is supposed to be enjoyable, even when you’re at work.

Matt Walde

Founder & President

Matt founded AdVision in May of 2006 with the goal of making pay per click marketing understandable and accessible to businesses of all sizes. Under his leadership, AdVision has grown to become an authority in the inbound marketing space, and is on its way to becoming one of Denver’s top digital advertising agencies.

Meredith Cook

Senior Digital Designer

Meredith is a music-loving, adventure-seeking designer and digital marketing specialist. Growing up in North Carolina (go Heels!) before migrating to Colorado, Meredith developed a love for color, layout, and composition at a young age—and now creates visually compelling marketing strategies for our clients. Away from work, she enjoys trail running, skiing, yoga, and exploring all that the mountains have to offer.

Kelly McEvitt

Senior Account Manager

Kelly is a Colorado native with an affinity for football and social media marketing. Graduating from the Univ. of Colorado at Boulder with a focus in communication, Kelly enjoys creating meaningful inbound campaigns for clients. When she’s not delving into analytics data, you might find her at her neighborhood yoga studio or on an adventure with her pup, Marlowe.

Taryn Kaufman

Inbound Account Manager

Taryn is the quintessential southern girl from Dallas who can always be found in her cowboy boots. Taryn is pursuing her Masters degree at the University of Denver with a concentration in digital marketing. When she isn’t studying or working, Taryn loves traveling and hanging with her dog Casanova.

Callie Cernauskas

Paid Media Account Manager

Callie is a yoga enthusiast that has been working in Digital Marketing for over 4 years. She loves building strong relationships with her clients and coming up with campaign strategies to meet each clients goals. After graduating from Illinois State University with a degree in Public Relations she moved away from the harsh Chicago winters to be able to stay active all year long. Callie is always planning her next travel adventure. When she’s not at work you can find her skiing/snowboarding, hiking, camping, or hanging out with her senior rescue pup, Odie.

Shannon Dwyer

Paid Media Account Manager

Shannon made the move to Denver in 2016 from Arlington, TX to continue her work in the digital space. A collegiate swimmer at the University of North Texas, she enjoys all things active, including snowboarding, hiking, and running. She has completed an Ironman and is currently training for the Chicago Marathon in October. Shannon also loves hanging out with her dog, Gus, who will be 8 in August and he’s the goodest boy there is! She’s also a huge hockey fan—GO STARS!

Joe Tiberio

SEO Specialist

Joe is an SEO and inbound marketing veteran with over 8 years of experience creating organic strategies and optimizing sites for anything from multi-national brands to local businesses. When he’s not digging through code, you can usually find him playing and recording music or racking up miles on his bike. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer, he has been in touring bands, played SXSW twice, and owns and operates his own home studio where he records local artists.

Josh Hansen

Inbound Account Manager

Josh is a New England born, Texas raised, Colorado transplant. As a story-enthusiast and human psychology nerd, Josh is fascinated with the blend of art and science in marketing and it can be leveraged to help businesses profitably connect with customers. When out of the office, he can be found spending time with his family, adventuring in the mountains or (most likely) both.


Bentley has been a member of the AdVision team since May 2011. Having negotiated a 1-day work week, Bentley is primarily in charge of hiding things that aren’t his, taking at least 3 naps a day, and getting head scratches from everyone in the office.


Our team of strategists, copywriters, designers, and developers have decades of combined knowledge in digital marketing. Whether you want to work with us or join our team, we promise you won’t regret it.